Sunday, February 17

   Wordle Mothers Day Card

A fabulous site where you can create free of charge great word images for use anywhere with no copyright to worry about.

Thursday, April 12

I'm on Esty...

This is my new Etsy shop!!  I'm so excited. I bought my cards, tags and site design all from Etsy sellers and what a great job they've done. I made my first sale before Christmas and am now working on some more little treasures to put up there.
For a direct link go to

Craft space...

I've been working on my craft space. It's taken a while to reaslise the BEST use of my spare room/ wardrobe/ study... is to give over a small section to my craft space. Finally I have taken the plunge and moved in a desk and notice board. Work in progress...

Friday, January 29


I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow outside, much to the delight of the kids. So instead of the traditional valentines items I may have posted today I decided to make it a white theme. As you will see from my previous post in February 2008 (Hearts galore...) I am a bit of a sucker for a heart. Cardboard Safari from Etsy have made this super wreath for valentines which can be left white or decorated easily with glitter or paints. I also adore these tea lights from Cox and Cox which are currently reduced in their sale! The pebbles are gorgeous, I bought one as an engagement gift for some friends who plan to marry on the west coast of Scotland on the beach! They are from LetterFest. I put the one I bought inside this cute little bag from Palomasnest and had congratulations written on it instead. The ceramic buttons are from Palomasnest too.

Wednesday, January 20


My daughter has found the perfect registration for her car... she's only 11! Her name is Katy and since she was born we've called her Boo. I can't remember why we came to call her it, but it stuck.  KT is the "cool" way of writing Katy, so I'm told. KT BOO....  Obviously her 1st car won't be a vanquish!!!!