Friday, February 8

More wall decals.

I've just put up these wall stickers today and they look fab. Sorry the picture isn't very clear. They are in my favourite colours and go perfectly with my duck egg blue and cream kitchen! My archived entry back in Jan shows the Beearo decals that we hung in our family room, but I wanted something more colourful for the kitchen. I think they work well. Available from Decoccinelle.

Gaudi paving tile...

I meant to mention the tile on the table beside the orchid. It was my favourite gift last year. Our daughter Katy, hence the name Katyboo, bought it for us when we were in Spain in the summer and kept it until Christmas. It is a replica, in my favourite colour, of the Gaudi paving on the Passeig de Gracia. It's beautiful and very special to me.

Gaudí designed a paving stone for the Batlló house (1904-1906), which was finally installed in the Milà house (1906-1910). In the 1970's the Gaudí design was adapted for use on the Passeig de Gràcia avenue.


If you've read my profile you'll see that one of my favourite flowers is an orchid. They may be expensive to buy but the flowers last for months, really, and if you're lucky like me they flower again and again. This is my latest triumph! I have to admit they don't look too pretty once the flowers have dropped off and the stem is cut back, but have faith, keep them draught free, water now and again, and they seem to thrive. I have found that they take about six months to re flower but worth the wait don't you think?

Wednesday, February 6

Hearts Galore...

I do have a soft spot for a heart and seeing as valentines is coming up I thought I'd share some of my hearts that are around my home. I like ones that look simple and are made from natural materials, though I do have a few wired hearts on the door handles that have pearlised buttons threaded through them.

The bottom two are my favourites. The one made of cut branches was bought in Dublin last Autumn and the willow twig wreath was from Annie Mos (My favourite shop in Aberdeen)

Full steam ahead...

The postie has just been and it's arrived..... my Simple Sewing book. It is beautiful if you can call a book that. I could sit for hours pouring over the designs, fabric, patterns etc. It really is wondeful, and has the perfect pattern for my apron. However it is given a difficulty rating of four so i may have to work up to it! In the mean-time I'll be searching out fabrics to use and trying some of the simpler projects to start with.

Bellabee Designs Shop

I have just come across this lovely apron on Etsy. It's made using Amy Butler fabric and is gorgeous. A little matching pot holder can be bought to go with it too!

I'm waiting on my Amazon order coming through. I've ordered Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. Hopefully there will be an apron pattern in it which I can use to help me get started...