Tuesday, January 29

My likes...

Hello, I 've just updated my personal profile on swap-bot after looking at other peoples lists. I felt a little strange writing all my likes, but I suppose that's how people know what to send you! It'a fun looking through all the swaps on offer, I'm looking forward to having a rating so I can take part in more!

Sunday, January 27


I have just discovered swap-bot.com It looks great. I've read about people doing swaps on-line for a while and fancied giving it a go. I've signed up for Whimsy Jar and Easter goodybags and a surprise swap. I'll let you know how I get on, but I'm looking forward to finding intersting bit n bobs to put in my parcels. I could have gone mad and signed up for loads, but keeping in mind my focus on family at the moment I decided to stop at three for the time being. I did fancy some of the international post card swaps to brighten up our fridge. I think I'll wait tho' until I've found some in the shops that I like first. My swap partners may end up with one highland cow card too many if I buy under pressure!

Wednesday, January 23

Belle and Boo

I thought I'd share with you these beautiful prints from Belle and Boo at Etsy. The artist, Mandy Sutcliff, is a British illustrator who's drawings are truly adorable. I've bought a number of her prints which look lovely framed in natural oak frames. They are simple yet stunning. My friends love it when I send them a card from her range. They come with matching envelopes, address label and a pretty little sticker to seal it with. Belle and Boo have their own blogspot too...http://www.blogger.com/www.belleandboo.blogspot.com

Sunday, January 20

These are the other two decals that I nearly chose. I love the Fleur Murmansk from Pure Deco http://www.pure-deco.com/ on the left. The bamboo is also from Beearo but I think I may have struggled to text wrap it around the TV! I think I visited every site on the web that sells decals before selecting my top 3 designs. That's an idea, I may set up a link to all the sites I bookmarked during my search.

Just perfect...

Having spent months searching for a feature for our family-room wall I came upon http://www.beearo.com Discovering they shipped to the UK was great, and adding to that excitement, they told me I was their first international order.
The decals are a walnut finish vinyl with strong adhesive already applied. Application is easy. My poor children were sat on the sofa while I experimented with the design using blu-tac. When we were happy we peeled off the backing and stuck them in place. This did take a while and a lot of patience. However the kids feel like they designed it, and now hopefully won't try and pick it of the wall!
We love it. Most definitely my best Internet buy to date.