Friday, January 29


I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow outside, much to the delight of the kids. So instead of the traditional valentines items I may have posted today I decided to make it a white theme. As you will see from my previous post in February 2008 (Hearts galore...) I am a bit of a sucker for a heart. Cardboard Safari from Etsy have made this super wreath for valentines which can be left white or decorated easily with glitter or paints. I also adore these tea lights from Cox and Cox which are currently reduced in their sale! The pebbles are gorgeous, I bought one as an engagement gift for some friends who plan to marry on the west coast of Scotland on the beach! They are from LetterFest. I put the one I bought inside this cute little bag from Palomasnest and had congratulations written on it instead. The ceramic buttons are from Palomasnest too.

Wednesday, January 20


My daughter has found the perfect registration for her car... she's only 11! Her name is Katy and since she was born we've called her Boo. I can't remember why we came to call her it, but it stuck.  KT is the "cool" way of writing Katy, so I'm told. KT BOO....  Obviously her 1st car won't be a vanquish!!!!

Tuesday, January 19

Yoyo Ceramics

While browsing through some sites today I came across this adorable ceramic notebook from Yoyo Ceramics. The ceramic notepad has been sculpted initially from plaster, moulded and then made entirely out of clay. This smart jotter can be used to make those lists or leave little notes for your loved ones.  They also make these butter dishes. This great little Butter Dish beats any other by far. The ceramics will keep it cool (in this country anyway!) And of course - you don't have to just put butter in it. How about sweets? Obviously inspired by plastic storage boxes but perfect for the table and in such cute colours too!

Monday, January 18


I was looking for something funky for my friend in Australia for her 40th birthday and I found this fabulous necklace today in our local John lewis store. Its by a company called onebutton . I was assured that they are the latest "must have" make of jewellery and that the editor of Vogue has been seen wearing one!? Hmmm all said and done I liked it and it would be inexpensive to post. Hope Carol likes it too! 

Friday, January 15

Stitched Textile Art

I have been looking for pictures lately that have been stitched using freehand machine embroidery. I am doing an evening class on fashion/interior textiles and would like to incorporate "art" in to my work. I found Gillian Bates. She has done some fabulous work of beach scenes and buildings in the UK. I also like the work of Lauraamiss . Her work is textile art on canvas. She uses photos and drawings as her inspiration and then also sells prints of her work, as does Gillian above.