Sunday, January 20

Just perfect...

Having spent months searching for a feature for our family-room wall I came upon Discovering they shipped to the UK was great, and adding to that excitement, they told me I was their first international order.
The decals are a walnut finish vinyl with strong adhesive already applied. Application is easy. My poor children were sat on the sofa while I experimented with the design using blu-tac. When we were happy we peeled off the backing and stuck them in place. This did take a while and a lot of patience. However the kids feel like they designed it, and now hopefully won't try and pick it of the wall!
We love it. Most definitely my best Internet buy to date.


Anam said...

Hi Katy,
I saw a post of yours on the SwapBot Forums and decided to visit your new blog. Must say, it's lovely and I enjoyed everything you've posted so far. I'm particularly pleased to see the wall decals and how beautifully done they look. I've been wanting to get some myself so I'm off to the site you used to check it out.

Thanks for the hints and Welcome to Swap Bot!

<3 Anam

Sue G said...

Thanks for your kind words, you're my very first comment :) it's funny writing and not knowing if anyone is reading it!!